If you want to read the New York Times for free but don’t have a subscription, you can check the limit on free articles. This is a guide that covers how many articles you can read and share without having to pay. While it is not possible to receive more than one free article per month, there are ways you can extend this time period to your family and friends. The New York Times has a number of features that will allow you to share articles with others, including the gifting option.

Limit on free articles

The New York Times has a limit on how many free articles you can read in one month, although it has been increasing steadily since it first introduced a paywall in 2011. At the time, readers were allowed to read as many as 20 articles per month. Today, the limit has been reduced to five articles per month, though you can still read more than that. The paywall’s tighter rules are being attributed to a variety of factors, including lower expectations for digital advertising and the desire to move more people toward digital subscriptions.

Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent the New York Times’ metered payment wall. To bypass the paywall, use a Google search to find free articles in the paper. You can also use an Incognito browser, which allows you to browse in private and removes cookies once you’re done. If you have a Facebook account, stories accessed through social media do not count toward your limit.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the New York Times, you can access their content through LexisNexis. This database offers full access to all New York Times articles from 1980 to the present, as well as the ability to change the way search results are displayed. A number of other websites also offer New York Times articles for free, but they do not offer browsing options. This way, you can find what you’re looking for without having to pay a single cent.

Limit on gifting

The New York Times offers a limit on gifting articles. The gifting option will appear alongside social share and email share options. Articles gifted will not count toward a non-subscriber limit and will have a 14-day read period. The gifting option is available only to news and digital subscription subscribers. If you want to gift more than one article a month, you’ll need to subscribe to the paper.

Limit on non-subscribers’ access

The New York Times has recently announced plans to limit the amount of free content it offers to non-subscribers. While this could be a setback for some people, it will at least allow them to read the articles that they would normally be unable to access for free. The Times isn’t the only news source that has announced changes to its subscription model. The Wall Street Journal, for example, also recently added a paywall.

The New York Times’ paywall limits non-subscribers to reading only 20 articles a month. However, those who access the news outlet through social media can go over this limit as many times as they want. This exception is one of the reasons why many readers are able to get around the paywall. For example, one account on Twitter dedicated to tweeting links to Times articles, called @freeNYTimes, was once blocked by the news organization. However, the Times subsequently dropped the request after the account stopped using the Times logo.

The New York Times also offers a gifting option for articles. Along with social and email sharing options, the gifting option is available to subscribers of the news organization. Gifted articles don’t count against the free-article limit, but they do have a 14-day time limit. While this is not a complete solution, it does make it easier for readers to share articles.

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