50 excellent adjectives that start with n

What is an adjective?

Before discussing the different adjectives that start with n, let us understand the function of an adjective. The purpose of an adjective is to furnish us with more information about nouns or noun phrases. It modifies or describes nouns and pronouns and is sometimes referred to as ‘describing words’. Thus, we can say that adjectives supply us with more information about the word they are describing. We get to know about an object’s size, shape, age, colour, etc. with the help of adjectives. Therefore, an adjective is a vital part of speech.

There are numerous adjectives beginning with every letter of the English alphabet. Similarly, you will come across a diverse range of adjectives that start with n to describe someone or something. It’s pertinent to note that not only there are positive adjectives that start with n, but there are adjectives that have negative implications. The prefix ‘non’, expressing negation, also accounts for a plethora of adjectives that start with n.

50 adjectives that start with n

Let us look at this comprehensive list of adjectives that start with n.

1. Nagging – Complaining or harassing constantly; causing persistent worry
Wayne wanted to get away from his nagging sister and meddlesome parents.

2. Narcissistic – having or showing an inflated idea of their own importance, marked by excessive admiration toward one’s self
John was a self-centred, egotistical, and narcissistic young lad.

3. Narrow – small width; lacking scope or limited in extent or amount
The place had remained the same, still boasting its immutable statues, narrow corridors, and never-ending arches.

4. Nascent – being born, budding or starting to show signs of future potential
A nascent cultural movement is emerging in the Middle East.

5. Nasty – Unpleasant or disgusting; characterized by obscene or malicious behaviour
Jim has a nasty habit of biting his nails.

6. Nauseous – feeling nausea or a feeling of impending vomiting; causing nausea
The roller coaster ride made her feel nauseous.

7. Navigable – deep and wide enough to be sailed on by vessels
The boat meandered gently along the navigable waterways.

8. Nebulous – in the form of a cloud, indistinct; vague or not having a clear description or limits
Roman has a few nebulous ideas about his future plans but nothing concrete as of yet.

9. Needle-like – resembling a needle; pointed or having a sharp point at the end
The slender, needle-like leaves of the firs are ideal for retaining more moisture.

10. Needy – very poor or deprived; needing affection or emotional support to a considerable degree.
Our school is raising funds to help needy children.

11. Nefarious – very wicked or villainous
Everyone was afraid of Al Capone because of his numerous nefarious deeds.

12. Negligible – so trivial or insignificant as to be not worth considering
It sounds like a good proposition as the risk is negligible.

13. Neglectful – lax, not giving or showing proper attention or care
Toni is neglectful of his duties as a nurse.

14. Neighbouring – very near to another place or adjacent, abutting
These two neighbouring countries are always sparring.

15. Nervy – nervous or edgy; offensively bold or impudent
I have a tendency to get nervy and fidgety before an exam.

16. Nettlesome – causing irritation, annoyance or providing difficulty
The senior ministers called a meeting to settle some of the long-pending nettlesome disputes.

17. Neurotic – relating to or affected by neurosis, unstable
Sharon’s so neurotic about her weight that she has two weighing scales in her home.

18. Neutral – impartial, not supporting or favouring either side in a conflict; having no distinctive characteristics
The Champions League final will be played at a neutral venue like always.

19. Newfangled – new, of the newest style or kind, something that is completely different from what we’re used to
These newfangled gadgets befuddled my grandmother.

20. Nifty – skilful or effective; fashionable or stylish
It’s a nifty little computer game that augments your logical thinking skills.

21. Niggling – causing slight but persistent worry, annoyance, and discomfort in a petty way
A niggling doubt slowly crept into her mind, and that was the beginning of the end.

22. Nightly – done or occurring every night; relating to the night or every night
“And all my days are trances,
And all my nightly dreams
Are where thy grey eye glances,
And where thy footstep gleams—”

23. Nightmarish – resembling a nightmare, extremely unpleasant or horrifying
A nightmarish scene of mutilated bodies of men and animals greeted the Viking group on its way to the shrine.

24. Nimble – agile, able to move quickly and lightly; quick-thinking
David Silva’s nimble footwork is crucial in unlocking the tightest of defences.

25. Ninefold – being nine times as great or as many; having nine parts
The company witnessed a ninefold increase in turnover because of the massive demand.

26. Nippy – (of the weather) chilly or cold; brisk or nimble in movement; a sharp biting taste
I better carry a jacket as it’s a bit nippy today.

27. Nitwitted – silly or stupid, one who lacks sense or judgment
Robert’s nitwitted layout plans were immediately discarded by the boss.

28. Nocturnal – belonging to, occurring, or active at night
Several nocturnal animals greeted me as I ventured out in the forest at half-past two.

29. Noisy – characterized by or making a lot of loud and unpleasant sounds; seeking to attract attention by showiness
The noisy neighbours are always creating a commotion in the middle of the night.

30. Nomadic – characteristic of or living the life of nomads
Nomadic cattle herders wander these prairies.

31. Nondescript – lacking distinctive features, uninteresting.
A block of nondescript buildings welcomes us as we entered the dreaded Moore Avenue.

32. Nonlinear – not sequential; not in a straight line; designating or involving an equation whose terms are not of the first degree
The nonlinear narrative impressed the critics but confounded the audience.

33. Nonsensical – meaningless, not making any sense; so impractical and unreasonable that it invites mockery
The apparent nonsensical poems had deeper meanings.

34. Nonstop – without stopping, pausing or without interruptions
Tim’s nonstop commentary annoyed everyone as they couldn’t enjoy the show.

35. Normative – pertaining to or deriving from a standard or norm, especially of behaviour.
Business economics is deemed to be normative.

36. Northern – (of wind) coming from the north, situated in or lying toward the north; characteristic of or originating from the north
Iker was born in a small village in northern Spain.

37. Nosy – prying, offensively curious about other people’s affairs
The next-door old lady is very nosy, and Della despises her.

38. Nostalgic – a wistful longing for something in the past, characterized by nostalgia
A deep, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed Carlos after the movie ended.

39. Notable – worthy of attention for being remarkable or significant
His notable contribution to science won him the Noble Prize for Physics.

40. Noted – widely known, respected or eminent
Prague is noted for its Baroque architecture.

41. Notional – speculative or hypothetical, based on suggestion, estimate, or theory
Depreciation is a notional charge against profits as you cannot measure it in real values.

42. Notorious – infamous, well-known for some immoral, bad deeds or qualities
Bonnie and Clyde were notorious robbers during the Great Depression in America.

43. Novel – unusually and pleasantly new or original
The novel and experimental ideas attracted connoisseurs in large numbers.

44. Noxious – poisonous or very harmful
The noxious fumes of chemical substances are injurious to health.

45. Nubby – having a rough, coarse surface; lumpy or covered with nubs
The dress had a nubby fabric, which was perfect for a casual party.

46. Null – possessing no legal or binding force, void; associated with zero
The contract between the brothers was declared null and void.

47. Numbing – causing numbness or insensitivity
John felt a numbing pain in his right ankle after he sprained it while playing football.

48. Numerical – relating to, expressed or measured in numbers
Real Madrid had a numerical advantage and eventually won the match by two goals.

49. Nutritional – of or relating to the process of providing or obtaining nutrition
The nutritional supplements won’t really help if you don’t maintain a healthy routine.

50. Nutty – having the taste or flavour of nuts; mad or crazy
This chocolate bar has a strong nutty flavour.

This illustrative list entails 50 excellent adjectives that start with n, which you can use in your speech or writing to enhance the quality. There are a lot of other adjectives that start with n, and you can explore them yourselves. How many such interesting adjectives can you find? For more insight, immerse yourselves into the wonderful realm of adjectives and keep reading about their different characteristics.

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